New apps for mobile devices

25 Nov

In recent years , more and more services are available through applications , eg by phone . Such as ordering food , buying the cinema ticket or call taxi.
There has been a proliferation of mobile applications for smartphones taxi call . They use the GPS capabilities of mobile devices and has been very efficient in the world . In some cases , you can call to another address too, not just what you are .
Some examples of applications are 99Taxi , EasyTaxi and TaxiBeat , which are all free to anyone who downloads them , but not all taxi drivers go .
Depending on what is, or send you the nearest taxi , or show you the cars available in the region, with details of the car and driver ( picture and all) , also showing how many meters you the driver is and how much it will take to arrive, and you choose what you want and can keep track of where he is on the map . If you want to, you can call the driver.
When the taxi arrives , the system sends you a notice advising , and upon entering the car, you have to give confirmation that there is .
You can view the reviews that other people have about the driver, and can also evaluate how was making the best services .
With these apps , call taxis became easier and faster !



YouTube and his growth

24 Nov



We all know the YouTube, the largest social network of Internet videos. What started with just a small website of some young americans who grew up and was bought by Google and today is became the most popular and the greatest social network of videos.

Some videos become very famous in a short time on YouTube, these videos are called Viral Videos. Often viral videos contain humorous content, the latest example of a viral video was the Gangnam Style by Psy, released on July 15th, 2012, the video very soon grew, and today already has 1.8 billion views, currently it ensures the world record for most video views in the history of YouTube, and also the most “liked” video on YouTube, with nearly 8 million likes. This shows how YouTube is a huge network.

Currently the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube is PewDiePie, with over 16 million subscribers, it is more than 16 million people who registered on YouTube and signed up only on his channel, who subscribe to a channel will receive the videos channel he inscribed on its homepage.

With all that YouTube has also shown a great advertisement system, then large companies put their commercials on YouTube and some of them become viral video, as the famous “Poneis Malditos” of Nissan, and the latest Head & Shoulders with Joel Santana, the type advertisements show the business value of Youtube.

Youtube also has a system of advertisements before the videos, with some companies that were created to organize this, companies like Machinima that adds gamers channels to a partnership and enable them to put their advertisements before videos, since the videos are recorded in games not made by the producers of the videos then it is considered as third party products and the YouTube does not allow monetizing, this preventing gamers to earn money on their videos. Then enters Machinima, with the necessary rights to the producer and them the producer earn his money, and of course Machinima wins their part too in this partnership. The Machinima’s Channel is also very big.

YouTube proved to be a major center of creativity with multiple channels very well produced and creative as freediew and CorridorDigital who are specialized in special effects, or even humor channels like the second biggest YouTube channel, smoosh, with multiple comedy videos.

Every day YouTube grows more, some scary stats shown by Google itself, show that YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube in just one month, more statics like that here on this site. I use YouTube all day to see several videos of the channels that I am subscribed and always have fun with these videos, and you use enough YouTube?

The future by the books “1984” and “Brave new world”

23 Nov

George orwell’s book, “1984”, was and still is today a perfect “weapon” against totalitarianism. In the book’s plot, in a future after a war that almost  destroyed the human race, the world was divided in tree totalitarian states. The Oceania is the State where incorporates the ex-England, ex-Americas, ex-Australia, New Zealand and a part of Africa, and is where the  history is focused, precisely in the London city. The society has been holden in there, where nobody gets out and they are always watched by a entity called “The Big Brother”. He assumed Oceania after the war, and now he watches every citizen in his daily routine, like in the citizen’s house, where  he appears in a type of televison(called “”telescreens”) to see if the person will not have a “aggressive behavior”, like destroy a building of a specific minister.

In “Brave new World”, Aldous Huxley shows to us a future were people are born artificially and are preconditioned biologically and conditioned psychologically to live harmoniously with the laws. The people are free to have any pleasure. A question or misunderstanding from the citizens about the government is resolved ingesting a drug made by the govern called “SOMA”, that makes the person get calmed and relaxed.

With this two books in mind, we can list the projection of future of the book ‘brave new world” with our real projection. Why? simple: having pleasure all time makes people more ignorant about their rights, the government can keep   their corruption in secret, for example. This is happening with us right now, everything that we love makes a pleasure to us, and is keeping us more away from our rights as citizens. take this for example: do you rather play video game, watch you favorite novel or reality show, etc. or go and see in this same television a political program? After all, your computer, iphone,etc. can be a SOMA.

The future by “1984” isn’t a good projection of our real future because, as we can see today in the Arabic countries ( like Egypt) that a dictatorship is something ilegal in world today. But that doesn’t mean that this can’t happen: If we get ignorant by the things that we love, we could make a government that  decrees a dictatorship and we don’t care.


The digital world and the social phobia

22 Nov

Social phobia is, Fear of scrutiny by other people leading to avoidance of social situations. More pervasive social phobias are usually associated with low self-esteem and fear of criticism. They may present as a complaint of blushing, hand tremor, nausea, or urgency of micturition, the patient sometimes being convinced that one of these secondary manifestations of their anxiety is the primary problem. Symptoms may progress to panic attacks.

The Technology is making the fiscal world get, every day, more digital and easy. There are some things that before the digital advances you need to go out of your house to do it, like sending an mail (that today we use the e-mail), seeing your friends (to day we can use Skype).

So the people are getting more and more stoked in their houses.

The technology have two sides, the good, that help us researching, studding and helping us to do things more easily, but there are the bad side that get people addicted, anxious, because in the in the internet the answers are really fast, so people are using this thought of fastness to the “real” life, so them are getting less waiting for the things that happens in their lives, getting more anxious and frustrated with every little thing that happens in their lives.

So there is a side of Internet that is aggravating the social phobia in the world.

.Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 6.52.36 PM


22 Nov

Do you know Netflix? It is an website that you can see movies! All you need to do is enter with a login and password to have acess to many movies! 

In the first month is free, and after that is only R$ 15,00 (reais) per month. You can acess Netflix by an Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Mac or in the website and many other ways. Inside the site you will see categories, one of this in the genre. You have comedy, have suspense, romantic comedy, movies for kids and for the family too. You also have documentaries and series. To watch the series you click in the one that you want, choose the season and choose the episode. He give suggestions to you and he remember the last ten movies that you saw. You can add subtitles and change the audio. 

Netflix need internet. Youcan stop the movie, see from begnin or where you stoped the last time you enter in that film. 

ImageHere we can see that there are several ways to get access to Netflix.

The new social network

21 Nov

In this technological world there are many social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, etc. in this post we will be talking about a recent one: Tumblr. Tumblr it’s in my opinion one of the best social networking ever made. Created by David Karp in 2007 Tumblr hosts over 139.4 million blogs! On May 20, 2013 Yahoo! announced its intention to acquire Tumblr, for approximately $1.1 million dollars. The deal closed on June 20, 2013.

But you must be wondering, what’s is this site, what kind of social network is it? Well I would say it’s kind of a mixture between Twitter and a Blog. “Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, video, links, quotes, audio and “dialogues”. Users are able to “follow” other users and see their posts on your dashboard. You can also “like” (to bookmark) or “reblog” other blogs.”[i]

There are many kinds of tumblrs, such as fandoms[ii], personal, phrases, photos, etc… In fandoms tumblr the post are usualy made on Photoshop, with is a famous photo editing program made by Adobe. Many of thouse pots are gifs.[iii] See below for an example of gif set: ­

In tumblr you can also personalize you theme, by using tumblr themes or even other users themes, they are called theme makers. Those themes are made by html which is a short for HyperText Markup Language English expression, is a markup language used to make Web pages.”[iv]

And of course we can not forget about one of the main things on tumblr: making friends all over the world! On tumblr there are 2 mechanism for you to enter in contact with people. Those are: asks and fan mail. You can send a ask to anyone who have enabled it, and you can also ask as anonymous. The person will receve your ask and they can answer it by publish or send it private  A fan mail it’s a bit more complicated, you must be following the person so you can send your mail. And they are always private, you can’t publish them on your tumblr.

So now that you know a bit more about this amazing social network, go there, take a look, enjoy:


[ii]“Fandom is a word of English origin (Fan Kingdom) which refers to the set of fans of a particular television program, individual or particular phenomenon.”(

[iii] Basically a moving image.

Oculos Rift

21 Nov

Oculus Rift is a completely new way to play video games that brings the virtual world for your living room, using a ultra-high-tech VR headset that weighs approximately 0.22 KG, has a resolution of 640×800 per eye, a field of view of 110 degrees, diagonal/horizontal view of 90 degree, stereoscopic 3D rendering, 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) and a very small head Time tracking.


The Oculus Rift is a good example that we saw in classes, it is not a new technology.This type of technology was created around 20 years ago like the touch scream he was just improved and reformulated to use on the video game.It is a rely good technology that is not used that have high performance and low price.Is the next generation of gaming people will buy it, including me.

The rift works using a 7-inch display.  Lenses deflect the light of the two halves of the screen to the left and right eye, to the brain accept this new realty the rift have to produce a large field of view or FOV. They use to big lenses on each glass to do that.In this way, the screen wrapped around the field. This solution sometimes create a little of distortion on the scream. 

The rift glass made so success that this project receives 2, 5 million of dollars to develop 7500 devices. And later with more help they are starting to present this technology for the gamers. In B.G.S. (game event) some people had the chance to use this device.

I think that the millennials will not know how to deal with this type of technology. Just like with the mobile phones but worst, some people will star to live more in this digital world than the real world and this will separate more the people that doesn´t use this device for better.